Horror, Halloween, Zombie, Vampire Makeup in London

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Horror, Halloween, Zombie, Vampire Makeup and Special Effects - Professional Quality in London.

It's Halloween or another horror-themed zombie gathering. Have you ever dreamt about having the burnt face of a Freddy Krueger? Or the zombie makeup you've seen with TV programmes like the Walking Dead and Z-Nation? Well - here's your chance to be made up by a Film and TV expert.

Anna Jadwiga Cichon is a London-based special effects designer and professional makeup artist with 12 years of experience. Take a look at her portfolio of work.

Anna offers movie-quality hair and makeup services for Halloween and fancy dress/alternative parties throughout the year, including events you seriously need to have a unique look at such as Torture Garden, as well as festivals throughout the year such as the Boomtown Festival.

Anna has the ability to create any Halloween or horror look you can think of, with experience in mainstream and low-budget horror feature films. This includes the use of seriously effective SFX prosthetic designs which she's used in movies like the zombie themed World War Z.

Need ideas? Anna can talk you through what's possible with the budget you have, whether you're looking for a simple design for a party with friends, or something spectacular, complex, and once in a lifetime.

Anna is a freelance special effects designer and makeup artist based in West London, and is able to travel anywhere in London and beyond to get you ready for your party or event. Please get in touch with her through her contact details or the form below.

She is very busy during this period, so please make sure you book early to avoid disappointment! 

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Thank you! Looking forward to making you look spectacular for your event or party.