Makeup Lessons

Have a professional freelance makeup artist come to you and give you a personalised lesson. Price: £65 (Approx two hours)

Learn practical tips, stylish techniques and feel comfortable about applying makeup in order to make the most of your features.

I will bring my own kit, but you can use any of the tried and trusted products you prefer.

Prom and Event Bookings

I as a professional hair and makeup artist will come to your home before your big night, and make you the envy of all your friends with beautiful makeup.

All kit is provided but I will happily use your own products if preferred.

If you want to get together with your friends, we are happy to offer a group price dependent on numbers.

Prices on day: £150 (Hair OR Makeup) £250 (Hair AND Makeup)

A deposit of £60 is payable to confirm a prom booking, this is deducted from the final total.

Life Casting

Body PartsNatural Cast FromAdded Simple Metallic or Coloured FinishAdded Complex Colour Finish From
Baby Hands, 0 - 12 months£75.00£30.00
Child Hands, 12 months -to 12 years£100.00£30.00
Hands, 12 years +£125.00£30.00
2 Child Hands - 12 months to 12 years£200.00£30.00
Child's Foot£120.00 to £160.00£30.00
Wedding Couple's Hands£300.00£30.00
Front Torso (Neck to Waist)£320.00£40.00£80.00
Front Torso (Neck to Upper Thigh)£470.00£70.00£120.00
Back (Neck to Waist)£290.00£40.00£80.00
Back (Neck to Upper Thigh)£470.00£70.00£120.00
Face (Portraits)Natural Cast From
Face with Ears£350.00
Face with Hand£400.00
Face (Partial - Lips, Eyes, Nose, Eyes)Contact for Quote
Pregnant BellyNatural Cast From
Belly Bowl£250.00
Belly and Breasts£400.00
Belly, Breasts and Shoulders£500.00
With Hand£85.00 each


Makeup KitPrice (Starts at)Kit Includes
Stage/Halloween£100.00Basic makeup (grease paint, face painting, makeup only type effects
Gore/Trauma (Basic)£150.00Grease paint, blood effects, trauma, gashes, cuts, bruises, wounds, minor 3D effects
Gore/Trauma (Advanced)£250.00Grease paint, blood effects, trauma, gashes, cuts, bruises, wounds, advanced 3D effects, prosthetics
Zombie/Vampire (Basic)£150.00Grease paint, blood effects, trauma
Zombie/Vampire (Advanced)£250.00Grease paint, blood effects, trauma, gashes, cuts, bruises, wounds, detailed 3D effects, detailed prosthetics, teeth, contacts
Old Age (Basic)£100.00Grease paint, minor ageing effects using liquid latex
Old Age (Advanced)£250.00Grease paint, advanced ageing effects, using liquid latex, prosthetics, contacts, bald caps, hair