I’ve been a model for Anna for fashion editorials as well as prosthetic exhibitions and have been suitably impressed every time I’ve worked with her. Anna is a complete perfectionist and nothing is too much trouble. Whilst everyone else may dismiss her ideas as too ambitious or difficult, Anna proves them wrong by making them happen and then some.

Her recent showcase at IMATS 2018 is a classic example of this where I was in hair and makeup for 8 hours completely covered head to toe to be transformed into a glow in the dark underwater mythical creature. Needless to say I was the show’s star attraction.

Anna has always made me feel at ease and placed huge emphasis on my comfort even making sure she had food that I liked and hand feeding me whilst sitting in the chair. I love to work with Anna and her level of professionalism and determination is inspiring.

Couldn’t recommend working with Anna enough!

Natasha Samsara


Anna is a hardworking and enthusiastic all round industry talent whom I regularly call upon for help with everything from life-casting to on set application. She brings a bit of fun to every job along with her considerable skills

Rob Smith


Anna Cichon was both the SFX makeup designer and non SFX make up designer on my horror feature film, Razors (Ripper in the UK) Although the film was a low budget independent film, it has recently been shown in a prime slot on UK TV (London Live), had a cinema, multiplex release in Brazil and spent three weeks in the top 100 UK DVD sales, debuting at 26 (ahead of a Jackie Chan movie.) It has also been distributed in the US, France, China, South Korea etc.

Anna produced many ingenious practical makeup SFX in very short timescales, as well as enduring the entire cast was made up each morning. She mostly achieved this working alone, and occasionally with an assistant on bigger cast days. I would recommend her for her ingenuity under pressure and her ability to produce effective on screen effects for a modest budget. As well as being successful internationally Razors won the best horror SFX award at a festival in Belfast in 2015.

Ian Powell


Anna has worked for me as a hair puncher and wig-lacer on many jobs and is always diligent and fast. She has a real passion for her work and is incredibly accommodating to the crazy schedules I always bring her. I recommend her highly

Dan Martin


I have worked with Anna, and she is a great makeup artist. Not only is the makeup very well done, she is also extremely helpful on set

Sam Roman Harris


Anna is capable of teaching makeup to even un-experienced people who have no background or knowledge of the area whatsoever. She is very disciplined and capable, and also very knowledgeable about various areas outside of makeup such as sculpting, silicone moulding, working with different materials. She is very practical and quick with problem solving. I would highly recommend any entertainment/production/movie company to work with her, as she would be an absolutely valuable asset to your team.

Naz Guven-Assistant Entertainment Manager, IMG Worlds of Adventure








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